Green Mom’s Best Products for a Waste-Free Lunch

One of the first things I did when I started trying to Go Green was to pack waste-free lunches for my kids. It seemed pretty easy and, to be honest, it saved money. Five years later, I’m still aiming for a waste-free lunchroom, though I’ve been known to toss in a juice pouch or squeezable […]

Can a Green Mom Drive a Bad-Ass Car?

  I’m in love–crazy, deep, obsessive love. This new love is exciting.  Exhilarating.  It brings out a side of me that I didn’t know was there.  I feel younger, more vibrant, more alive. Thankfully, I can keep Hubby around and still have the new love in my life…if I’m willing to let him drive it […]

Confessions of a Bad Blogger

  I’m a bad blogger. No, no. It’s true. Really bad. I owe you a huge apology. Here you are, reading my blog. You’re laughing at my jokes, nodding as you empathize with my struggles, wondering what I’ll post next. And then all of a sudden, I cut off all communications. Just like that guy you […]

Take a Deep Breath, and Confess

Confession is kind of liberating, don’t you think?  Even if you’ve never been inside one of those old-school church confessionals, you know what it’s like to open up to someone, right? Get it off your chest.  The good.  The bad.  The “at least I tried”. That’s what I hope to do with this blog.  We […]