Confessions of a Bad Blogger

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I’m a bad blogger.

No, no. It’s true. Really bad. I owe you a huge apology. Here you are, reading my blog. You’re laughing at my jokes, nodding as you empathize with my struggles, wondering what I’ll post next. And then all of a sudden, I cut off all communications.

Just like that guy you went out with a few times. The two of you had such a great time together, and then after the third date–the one where he says he wants you to meet his family–he suddenly won’t respond to your texts and hides behind the candy rack when you bump into him at Target.

I hate that guy. I never wanted to be him. But here I am, after totally blowing you off for months, asking if you’ll go with me to my cousin’s wedding. You should tell me to ?@%! off. Your friends always thought I was a loser. Your sister thinks I’m mental.

But honestly, look into my puppy-dog eyes and tell me that we didn’t have something special. You know I couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole time we were apart. It wasn’t you, it was me. I, I wasn’t ready for a serious blogging relationship. I thought I was, and then I met you and I realized that I needed to grow and mature. To really find my voice.

I’m sorry I left you hanging. I know I was a jerk. But I’m different now. I’m ready.

Will you give me another chance?



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