Take a Deep Breath, and Confess

Confession is kind of liberating, don’t you think?  Even if you’ve never been inside one of those old-school church confessionals, you know what it’s like to open up to someone, right?

Get it off your chest.  The good.  The bad.  The “at least I tried”.

That’s what I hope to do with this blog.  We all know that it’s good to be green.  But it’s not always easy.  Trust me.

I’m the one who had to stop buying juice boxes altogether because I somehow qualified just about every commute to school and skating practice as a reason to hit the “emergency” stash.

We’re all busy.  And saving the two minutes it takes to wash and refill that reusable water bottle (plus the 13 minutes it takes to find the darn thing under the passenger seat) might be what you need to do to keep your sanity.

But sometimes we can do better.  And we can learn from each other.

That’s what this forum is about.  Let’s share ideas on how to raise eco-conscious kids, how to conserve both the planet and our finances, and how to make going green a little easier for moms everywhere.

Each week, you’ll read about my adventures on the journey to environmental consciousness.  And I hope I’ll hear from you, too.  The road will seem a lot shorter if we walk it together!

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